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Pro’s shoot our points because they deliver higher scores. Since our inception, virtually all major indoor championships tournaments winners in the men’s championship division have been won by archers using Pro Points, Pro Point Pins or 3D Nock Busters. There are copycats out there, but our quality and performance stands alone—and usually on the top of the podium.



Exacting Standards

In order to meet the exacting standards today’s competitive shooters demand, our machinists check each and every point to make sure the industries strictest tolerances of sizing and weight are met.

Highest Quality Steel

We use only the best US Steel for our points. We don’t use multiple materials or make composite points. Consistency demands the best solid points.

Consistent Performance

We don’t use screw-in weights that can bend or come loose. We build the most consistent and precise tips in the industry to perform flawlessly in the most competitive environments. Every. Single. Time.

Full Array of Sizes and Styles

Each shooter is different and every competition is different, which is why we make tips in almost every conceivable size and weight. Our specific aim is to increase your scores, no matter what you shoot.

Bulls Eye


For years, professional shooters struggled with inefficient methods used to achieve a heavier point for competition. Many would add weights or make other point modifications. The problem, however, was retaining consistency. As a challenge, pro shooter Rod Menzer devised a solution by forging high-quality, hardened steel points, specially weighted for himself and a couple teammates. The results were instant and definitive: higher scores with less kiss-outs. When word spread, Rod founded Competition Archery Products (C.A.P.) in 2006 to keep up with demand.

Since their inception, almost all major competitions in indoor target archery and 3D archery have been won by archers using Pro Points and 3D NockBusters. Not to mention new world records and entire podium sweeps. The competitive advantage is clear. See for yourself why pros trust Pro Points.

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